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Build Your Own Self-Watering Dog Bowl

How cool is this?  Instead of spending up to $50 or more at your local pet supply store, how about spending only a couple of dollars and a little bit of time and labor to make your own!

Taras Kul, also known as the “Crazy Russian Hacker” (that’s comforting), shows us how to make a primitive, but quite functional self-watering dog bowl set.  In my mind, this self-watering contraption is great for using OUTSIDE for your dog.  I bet for only a few more dollars, and a little creativity, a person could follow this DIY approach and come up with a really nice looking self-watering dog bowl that they’d be proud to use INSIDE the house.

As a side note:  You can follow the same DIY method for dog food, using a Gatorade bottle.  Same principle, same results.  I may make one for my wife to put my dinner in each night….

If you’re into DIY stuff, which I personally love, be sure and subscribe to the Crazy Russian Hacker on Youtube.  Really awesome do-it-yourself projects of all types!  Thanks, Crazy Russian Hacker guy!

Check out our Crazy Russian Hacker friend’s nifty handy work by clicking below, then let us know what you think, and as always, please share it with your friends!


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