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SHOCKING NBC REPORT – Dog Almost Dies from Airline Flight – Never Fly Your Pet!


Now I’m upset!  Airlines promise us the world, then give us… well, you know!  We humans can handle this, as frustrating as it may be, but NOT our pets!

Here is a truly terrifying news report by NBC of utter neglect by an airline, that almost resulted in the deaths of several animals being transported.  This dog’s owner even paid extra for special care for her pets, then watched in horror from the airplane window as her pets were…. (watch the video for the rest of the story).

The animals lived, but barely. You better think twice or way more than that before sending your beloved pet on an airplane.

I share this here not to upset anyone (sorry), but simply to get a warning out about the dangers of flying your pets anywhere, for any reason.  You literally risk their lives when you do.

If you can handle it, CLICK BELOW to watch this very disturbing, but revealing news report!  If you want to help save the lives of innocent animals, PLEASE SHARE!


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