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[VIDEO] Strange & Mysterious – Chinese Dog Walks Like a Human!

Strange… Odd… Mysterious… and PINK?  This Chinese dog walks all over the place on two legs just like a human!

Exhibiting a great sense of dog-balance, and a high level of discipline and training (or else she’s possessed and I’m OUT OF HERE), this distinguished and all-dressed-up-with-a-somewhere-to-go-attitude dog struts her stuff somewhere in China (also a mystery).

Unless you speak Chinese, this whole video will remain a mystery to you, as it is to me.  If you DO speak Chinese, please comment and let us know what these folks are saying here!

Otherwise, watch with wonder and amazement as this elitist dog walks on all two’s, like… forever!

CLICK BELOW, watch and wonder, then let us know what you think!


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